Tyrus Books was founded in the summer of 2009 by Benjamin LeRoy and Alison Janssen after the pair left Bleak House Books.The first title published by Tyrus Books was the Lambda Award finalist, Silver Lake by Peter Gadol. Other early titles included The Deputy by Victor Gischler, Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi, and the anthology Delta Blues edited by Carolyn Haines and featuring Morgan Freeman, John Grisham, James Lee Burke, Charlaine Harris, and others.

Veteran authors who had been part of the Bleak House Books line-up came over to Tyrus including multi-Edgar Award finalist Reed Farrel Coleman and Victoria Houston.

In the spring of 2011, Scott O’ Connor’s debut novel, Untouchable, was selected by Barnes and Noble for inclusion in their Discover Great New Writers program. It would later go on to win the Discover Award for Fiction.

Also in the spring of 2011, Tyrus Books was acquired by F+W Media.

Tyrus continues to publish approximately 8-10 new books annually and has also brought to life many popular older titles including Robert Ward’s Red Baker, Nathan Singer’s A Prayer for Dawn, and John Galligan’s critically acclaimed fly fishing mystery series.

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