Ben LeRoy grew up in Madison attended college in Milwaukee, and has been running publishing companies–first Bleak House Books, now Tyrus Books–since the turn of the century. He has traveled the country extensively including stops on stage with the President and hanging out with Jesco & Mamie White in Boone County, West Virginia. He blogs regularly for Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room and less regularly for The Huffington Post. He also discusses Tyrus Books, publishing, and a whole bunch of other nonsense on Twitter (@TyrusBooks). His personal website, featuring various thoughts about music, baseball, books, and American-ness, can be found at


Known for checking out stacks of books from the library—only to return a week later for more—Ashley enjoys a wide variety of fiction. Favorites include Ender’s Game and anything by Christophers Moore and Fowler. She has worked with Ben for five years as part of both Bleak House Books and Tyrus Books. Now, she’s put on her editor hat to help save the world from plot holes and humdrum characters one book at a time.