Amos Walker

Art in the Blood

Bangkok Dragons, Cape Cod Tears

Between the Dark and the Daylight

The Big Bang

Blood Country

The Blood Knot

Brothers in Blood

By Hook or By Crook

The Cactus Garden

Cattle Annie and Little Britches

Chasing the Wolf


Clinch Knot

Country Hardball

County Line

Dark Coulee

Day One

Dead Angler

Dead Boogie

Dead Creek

Dead Deceiver

Dead Frenzy

Dead Hot Mama

Dead Hot Shot

Dead Insider

Dead Jitterbug

Dead Lil' Hustler

Dead Madonna

Dead Renegade

Dead Tease

Dead Water


Delta Blues

The Deputy

Empty Ever After

Error in Judgment

Fever Moon

Florida Heatwave

Forest of Fortune

Four Kinds of Rain

Fourth Victim

Frozen Stiff

El Gavilan

Getting Lucky

Getting Sassy

Glare Ice


Graphic the Valley

Green Light for Murder

Gun Church

The Hard Bounce


Hello Kitty Must Die

The Hollow Girl

Hose Monkey

Hurt Machine

In the Light of You

Innocent Monster

The James Deans

Judas Burning

The King of Cards

Lake of Tears

The Last Time I Died

Late Rain

Laws of Migration

Liquid Smoke

Listen to the Dead

The Long Fall

Maiden Rock

Masquerade in Blue

Murder at Midnight

Murder in Store

Murder Over Easy

My Second Death

The Nail Knot



Of Sea and Cloud

Old School Bones

Onion Street

Paid in Full


The Perils of Sherlock Holmes

Point No Point

A Prayer for Dawn

Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues

Red Baker

Red Sky, Red Dragonfly

Redemption Street


Rogue Males

The Sandman

Screams and Whispers

Seahawk Burning

Seahawk Hunting

Shop Talk

Silver Lake

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

Southern Seahawk

Stein, Stung

Summer of the Redeemers

Sweet Land of Bigamy


Twin Killing


The Wind Knot

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