Books by Series

The Quint McCauley mystery series by DC Brod

Quint McCauley | Chicago area

Murder in Store

Error in Judgment

Masquerade in Blue

Brothers in Blood

Paid in Full

The Monona Quinn mystery series by Marshall Cook

Cozy | Wisconsin | Contemporary
Newspaper editor Monona Quinn gets thought moving from Chicago to small town Wisconsin would make her safer. It was a nice thought, anyway.

Murder Over Easy

Murder at Midnight

Twin Killing


The Moe Prager mystery series by Reed Farrel Coleman

Private investigator Moe Prager solves cases in the NYC area in this multi-award winning series by Reed Farrel Coleman. Both The James Deans and Soul Patch were Edgar Award finalists.

Redemption Street

The James Deans

Soul Patch

Empty Ever After

Innocent Monster

Hurt Machine

Onion Street

The Hollow Girl


The Fly Fishing mystery series by John Galligan

Ned Oglivie has made some mistakes in his life and is content trying to fly fish himself to death across the United States, but he keeps running into bodies…

The Nail Knot

The Blood Knot

The Clinch Knot

The Wind Knot

The Loon Lake mystery series by Victoria Houston

Loon Lake seems like it should be a quiet town in the North Woods of Wisconsin, but not everything is as it seems.

Dead Angler

Dead Creek

Dead Water

Dead Frenzy

Dead Hot Mama

Dead Jitterbug

Dead Boogie

Dead Madonna

Dead Hot Shot

Dead Renegade

Dead Deceiver

Dead Tease

Dead Insider

Dead Lil' Hustler

The Claire Watkins mystery series by Mary Logue

Deputy Sheriff Claire Watkins deals with dead bodies and the personal issues of her life.

Blood Country

Dark Coulee

Glare Ice

Maiden Rock

Point No Point

Frozen Stiff

Lake of Tears

The Cape Islands mystery series by Randall Peffer

Moving back and forth between Cape Cod and southeast Asia, the Cape Islands series is great for people who prefer dark, atmospheric fiction exploring cultures on the fringes.

Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues

Old School Bones

Bangkok Dragons, Cape Cod Tears

Listen to the Dead

Screams and Whispers