Blood Country (Claire Watkins Mystery #1)

BLOOD COUNTRY (Claire Watkins Mystery #1)
mary logue

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“Crackling suspense, secrets from the past and a touch of romance make Blood Country a fantastic read.”
—Romantic Times


This first in a series launch introduces Claire Watkins, a deputy sheriff for the Pepin County Police Department. Claire, a former Minneapolis police detective, and her 10-year-old daughter Meg fled the Twin Cities after her husband, Steve, also a cop, was killed. When Landers Anderson, an elderly neighbor who befriended Claire and Meg, dies of a heart attack after being sideswiped with a shovel, Claire determines to find the culprit. This involves delving into Landers’s family history and investigating the machinations of a right-wing group, Homeowners of America, that is buying up property to build an environmentally unsound development. At the same time, Meg fearfully admits to Claire that she saw the man who killed Steve. Claire contacts her former partner, Det. Bruce Jacobs, and prods him into accelerating the investigation into Steve’s death.


“In this new series start, Claire Watkins, a deputy sheriff in Fort St. Antoine, WI, investigates the murder of her next-door neighbor, a pleasant, aging gardener with no apparent enemies. When she encounters the man’s bitter brother and community controversy surrounding a new townhouse development, however, she begins to think otherwise. Then, too, there’s the hit-and-run driver who killed Claire’s husband a year ago and may be tracking her daughter–who just happened to witness the incident. Surly suspects, small-town surroundings, and solid prose make this a welcome addition to most collections. ”
—Library Journal

“Logue has created some appealing characters in an attractive, offbeat setting.”
—Publishers Weekly

Crackling suspense, secrets from the past and a touch of romance make Blood Country a fantastic read. In addition to the exciting main storyline, there are several excellent subplots. Blood Country is superlative entertainment.”
—Romantic Times


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