One Red Thread

ernie wood

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One Red Thread is a beautifully written story of time travel, and the arrival of a fine new voice.”
—Allen Steele




When architect Eddy McBride, a fortysomething self-absorbed noticer of details and self-appointed seeker of truths, stumbles upon a way to visit, watch and ultimately participate in events from his family history, he finds answers to long-ago tragedies and mysteries. But each time Eddy returns to the present, he unleashes the unhappy consequences of exploring history on his family and friends. And as Eddy’s knowledge of the past grows, he turns from curious seeker of truths to frantic fixer of mistakes—present, past and by those from the present who would change the past—as he follows a devastating trail of hurt, disappearance and death.


“This debut novel by nonfiction author Wood is about memory, the past, and the desire to make things right…The plot is rich and wrenching.”
Library Journal

“Wood has an easy style and knows how to unravel a complicated tale that keeps your interest.”
Austin American-Statesman

“Ernie Wood’s graceful One Red Thread haunted me long after I reluctantly finished it. Beautiful, moody and touching, One Red Thread is about memory, and the ever present past, yearning to be touched.”
—Frank Coffey, author of Dying Light, The Shaman and Night Prayers

“One Red Thread is a beautifully written story of time travel, and the arrival of a fine new voice.”
Allen Steele

“A provocative novel that raises questions about the power of healing the past.”
Charlotte Observer

“The approach in how time travel is utilised in the novel is really original, focussing on what knowledge of the past means in today’s life, and how it affects our way of living and the relationships that we have. One Red Thread gives us plenty of food for thought.”

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